How Do We Stay Here?

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Close Talker - How Do We Stay Here?
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"Really thoughtful and hypnotic" - NPR

"The album is so nice and crisp that it actually evokes the feeling of the band singing directly into you" - Northern Transmissions

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Track Listing

1.  Void
2.  Wait
3.  The Change it Brings
4.  Arm's Length
5.  Pace
6.  Wandering
7.  Half Past Nine
8.  Carefully in the Dark
9.  The Lake by the Hotel
10.  All-Time
11.  Refuge

Released Aug 30, 2019
Written and Produced by Close Talker
Engineered by Robby Daze and Close Talker
Mixed by Robby Daze in Regina, SK
Mastered by Joao Carvalho in Toronto, ON
© 2019 under exclusive right to Slow Weather Music Inc. and Sinnbus Records.