Close Talker is an indie rock band from Saskatoon, Canada. After now a decade of performing and writing together, Close Talker has been an integral aspect to the individual lives of Will, Matthew, and Chris. The project that started as a passion for three friends in 2012 has become formative to their identities. It’s applying the nurture vs. nature argument to now-thirty year olds from the Canadian prairies, a place where change happens slowly and nostalgia holds strong. These are the core themes they dig into in their upcoming release: ‘The Sprawl’.

‘The Sprawl’ accounts for the years 2013-2019 in Close Talker: six years of full-on writing, recording, touring, rinse, wash, repeat. Those years included incredible highlights and successes, in exchange for burnout and time away from home. Ultimately this period ended with Close Talker needing a break, coaxed by the pandemic into an indefinite hiatus. Taking this break allowed the band to explore other avenues in music. Will dove deep into writing and production and began scoring music for films. Chris built Slow Weather Music, a record label with an expanding roster of new Canadian artists. And eventually, three years later, Close Talker found themselves reminiscing on all the fond memories from ‘The Sprawl’ with the ones causing burn out starting to fade. Memories brought inspiration, and inspiration brought Close Talker back into the studio. They have produced an album that brings together all they have learned over their career; earworm melodies, intricate drums, soaring guitars, and prairie charm.