Close Talker has always had an appetite for pushing their music and craft to uncharted territories. With their latest album 'How Do We Stay Here?' the band felt that it was especially important to create an environment and atmosphere where the audience could truly lose themselves in the music and be apart of the whole experience on a deeper level. The result was a concert experience that is truly the first of its kind: Immersion (A 3D binaural silent headphone concert).

This documentary provides some insight into the world behind the scenes in developing this project, along with live immersive binaural audio for you to experience a glimpse of Immersion.

A special thank you to Versa Films for their vivid storytelling and helping share Immersion with a wider audience.

Check out 'How Do We Stay Here? (Live in Canada)':

Immersion Live


Released November 8, 2019
All songs written and performed by Close Talker
Close Talker is Will Quiring, Matthew Kopperud, and Chris Morien
Engineered and Mixed Live by Kellan Thackeray (KTA Productions)
Mastered by Ryan Morey in Montreal QC
Binaural Audio Development by Hugo Larin (LS Media)
Under Exclusive Rights to Slow Weather Music and Sinnbus Records